General XTouch FAQ

How do I clean the display screen?
To clean the display screen, wipe it with a soft cloth (like the one supplied). Do not spray cleaners, pour any liquid, or wipe any abrasive cleaner on the screen or any surface of the device. Do not use tissues or paper towels to clean the plastic screen, since they contain wood fibers that may scratch the surface.

Will scratches affect the performance of the display or digitizer?
Our testing has not found appreciable loss of performance on a scratched display.

How sensitive is the screen to various elements?
Same with any computer or electronic device, you should protect the tablet PC from liquids, dirt and sand, other contaminants and extreme heat.

Tablet support SIM call
Currently only X716 tablet support SIM card calls and connect to internet by wifi and 3G. Other tablets only support wifi and external 3G modern.

Support Skype, Gmail and Google play or market?
All Xtouch tablet and smart phone support Skype, Gmail and Google play.

How to enable video talk for skype?
Please go to

Why does the device display vertically when running some apps?
Some apps, like talking tom, display vertically. it’s design issue of the apps, nothing to do with the device.

How to send a  MMS?
settings/wireless & network / mobile network / access point names, select the sim card, change the MMS port to 8080 and save

Volume Adjustment (X403)
Dial “*#*#3646633#*#*”, then enter engineer mode, go “audio” “normal mode”, then you can adjust the volume as you want.
Which models do you advice?
Different model suits different customer of different preference. So it’s hard to say which is best.
Please check the specification.Why doesn’t my Xtouch device have a validation code?
Validation program begins with our new shipment starting from 10th July, 2012. Devices shipped before are not attached with validation code.
The validation code tap is on the outside of the box. If you can’t find it, then there’s no tap with your device.

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